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Hello everyone, My Self-Love Supply here. We are excited to announce the launch of our blog!

Much like My Self-Love Supply Instagram, this blog will be centered around the practices of self-care. Giving you detailed information and advice on many different wellbeing topics from a host of specially chosen experts. We hope this blog can be your inspiration to living an even healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Each week we hope to upload a new blog post with a brand-new topic of discussion. This could be anything from self-care routines to meditation, from how to pamper yourself, to the importance of your emotional health. If you like what we share on our Instagram account and would like to find out more about these topics… this is the place to be! As well as our own posts, we will be collaborating with experts, coaches and professionals to bring you fresh perspectives, insights and inspiration about all healthy living topics.

So… why is self-care so important for you?

Practicing self-care means doing good to your mind, body and soul. As life gets stressful and you begin to feel overwhelmed, it is crucial to prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing. Taking time for yourself is not selfish nor is a waste of time. When you feel at your best you can become the best version of yourself imaginable. When this happens all aspects of your life will blossom. Giving you more energy, more self-confidence and being able to feel more engaged throughout your day.

Okay but… How can you do this?

Self-care looks different for everyone, but there are four equally important main types: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care. These need to be intentional and consistent practices integrated in your daily routine. Self-care should not be considered a reward or a treat, but the starting point for your day. Contrary to popular belief, self-care can be quite hard. It can mean saying no to someone even when it feels uncomfortable or choosing to cook a nutritious meal for yourself when you would rather reach for a leftover slice of pizza instead.

…Sounds interesting? We will be discussing all types of self-care in our next posts!
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  • Hello! Im jo and im a girl whos 17yrs old. Firstly!Thank you so much tho! Well,I was really so stressed out recently and I didnt feel motivated to do anything like this affected my daily living activities and also my mental health and I didnt care about myself properly, and I dont have like any chance to go out to any place to chill like any other normal freshman student Or any clg student who prepares for his Or her exams and tests Or tasks. Its so stressful the fact I be anti social sometimes just talking to certain ppl and I dont really go out to see the sunshine because of this pandemic and I was literally a mess, when I saw your insta profile I felt so positive Reading all the quotes And some routines..when I came here to your blog Im really Happy that I found your blog tho! Im motivated now! And then..I Hope I be like this all the time cause mostly im so stressful and anxious..ill try my best to over come it. Love ya!

  • I love your instagram and am looking forward to reading on this blog as well. With Covid and also transitioning from being more professionally involved to less involved, I am hoping this avenue will help me to feel supported and validated as well as to offer these gifts to others.

  • Love your new blog!!
    Is it possible to have an automatic email sent with each blog entry? Love to be on your list😉


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