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Self-Care Products Of The Month

Every month we feature brands committed to bringing more self-care into your life. Discover this month's favourites down below! 

July's self-care products spotlight ❤️

No Secrets Ltd - Power Shower

This award-winning beauty brand offers a huge array of skincare products. Their plant based products are of the highest quality, yet still being super affordable and gentle on the skin! The shower cream products, featured in the image above, can be purchased as a due called Power Shower. Check them out in their summer sale! (Please note that shipping to the US is currently unavailable).

Skin-care is an absolute must in your physical self-care routine. When you glow on the outside it makes it so much easier to glow on the inside!

Instagram @nosecrets_beauty

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The Happi Empire - Self-care Playbook

If self-care journals, planners and workbooks are your thing then this brand is for you! Their best-selling product, the self-care playbook, as featured above, is full of exercises and prompts to help nurture your mind, body and soul. This book includes 172 pages of affirmations and questions, along with 20 chapters which guide you in creating your self-love ritual!

Spending time each day practicing affirmations is very uplifting for the soul. Combining this with thought provoking prompts allows you to express your thoughts and feelings on a healthy basis!

Instagram @thehappiempire

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The Self Care Kit - Apparel & Booklets

The Self Care Kit specialises in super stylish self-care designed T-shirts, which each have an empowering message. The store also features professionally illustrated self-care coloring books, workbooks and planners. These can all be bought individually or as bundle as seen in the photo above, at a super affordable cost!

The interactive workbooks which are available are a powerful tool for stress relief, emotional expression and productivity! Check out The Self Care Kit's store and add a little journaling and planning into your morning routine. 

Instagram @theself_carekit

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A Peace Of Werk - Art Print

The artist behind this brand is one of our favourites to feature on our Instagram page. We absolutely love the vibrant and floral designs, each with a beautiful little message. With a variety of different print types, designs, and quotes, this store has something for everyone!

Having little positivity reminders around your home is the perfect way to further improve your emotional self-care!

Instagram @apeaceofwerk

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Kara Artwork - Tote bag

Kara's uplifting and warming designs look amazing on these tote bags (Also with the option of organic). The high quality of product and detailed prints make this bag a must-have! The store also features many beautiful prints and artwork which are sure to brighten up your home!

Carry the positive and uplifting vibes wherever you go with your very own motivational tote bag!

Instagram @kara_artwork

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My Self-Love Supply - Our E-book

Ever wanted to know how to create your perfect self-care routine that makes you feel healthier, happier and more motivated?

Check out our framework to change your daily routine in 5 days by breaking down bad habits, building new ones and making self-care a priority! Includes interactive worksheets to help build your routine and guide you on the path to success.

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