8 Practical Tips To Help You Refocus and Realign With Yourself and Life

Do you ever feel really “off?” Like something isn’t quite right but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You just know deep down that you're off balance, even though you're uncertain of what that even means? Chances are you are out of alignment. Just like when a car’s wheels are out of alignment and it annoyingly pulls left or right instead of staying on course- when you are living out of alignment, you are essentially doing the same thing. You are fighting against yourself and going against the direction of your natural self.

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s really easy to slip out of alignment (and often, too). However, the reality is we all know what’s best for ourselves. Deep down we all know what we should be doing but with the craziness and chaos of the world, especially right now, it’s easy to get caught up in the “doing” part and not actually doing anything at all.

To live in alignment, you simply have to let go of beliefs and ideas about how things should be- so that you can naturally interact with what is. To get you started on this process here are 8 practical ways you can begin to re-align your life’s balance today. 

1. Count your blessings

Instead of getting tripped up on all the negativity and what’s going wrong in life, it’s so vital to truly focus on what’s going right. What our minds focus on, we give energy too, so be mindful of how often you are seeing the beauty and gifts that surround you on a daily basis.

2. Give yourself space

When it feels like everything is happening all at once and you’re getting overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. The kind of “nothing” that has less to do with mindlessly scrolling on your phone and more to do with consciously choosing to hold space and allowing yourself to simply be. To release tension, unwind and really allow yourself to be seen and heard.

3. Identify your core values

Our core values are the very essence of what makes us individual and unique. They highlight what we stand for; they guide our behaviour and provide a roadmap of how we conduct ourselves. Just like our innate strengths, our values are part of us and when we live in alignment with our core values, we live a much more enriching and fulfilling life. When we live out of alignment with our values, we are more likely to fall into bad habits, self- sabotage and continuously seek short term satisfaction.

To help you find your core values, you can find the free worksheets here. 

4. Set healthy boundaries

When you feel off balance, it’s important to reflect on your boundaries (or lack thereof). Healthy boundaries are the limits in which you allow not only others to treat and behave around you and what they can expect from you but also how you treat YOURSELF. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and create rules to protect yourself from negativity and then enforce said rules to keep yourself feeling protected, at peace and confident in your personal space.

5. Meditate

It’s truly a no brainer that a mediation session can re-centre you, regardless of what’s happening internally and/or externally. The problem with mediation though, is the idea of sitting still with your thoughts scares a lot of people. The solution? Meditate in a way that works for you. From your traditional guided to unguided meditations, body scans, visualization, breath work and mantras- there is something for everyone when it comes to finding the right type of meditation.

6. Seek support

When things get too crazy and out of sync, it’s hard to recognise our thoughts and feelings; especially when unhealthy coping mechanisms have been previously adapted. Don’t be afraid to step back and ask the appropriate people for help. Whether it’s your nearest or dearest, a trained psychologist or a reiki master. Whatever you need, just know that you aren’t alone. There is strength and bravery when having the courage to ask for help.

7. Get in touch with your inner child

Your inner child is playful, loving, light-hearted and free spirited. Remember when you were little and all the wonderous, magical things that you loved oh so much? What brought you joy? What were your favourites activities? In what ways did you like to get creative? Chances are, you’ll still love those activities and will find immense joy in expressing yourself through them. Give them a try!

8. Cultivate your best life

And last but definitely not least- to truly find alignment in life, not just when you’re thrown off balance but deeply and truly; you need to love what you’re doing and who you are. If you find yourself consistently questioning who you really are or what your purpose is, you’ll struggle to find fulfilment.

Your best life is what you make of it, not what society tells you your life should be like. This is your journey to take and if you truly want to live in alignment then it’s time to dig deep and do some serious self-reflection.

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