8 Best Tips for Mastering Self-care for Parents

We always mention Self-care and it's important for us to care about ourselves first. But one particular category of people we don't talk about self-care is parents. Why are parents not given attention? Why do we forget such important people in our lives? Parents should care for themselves too.

Why self-care is needed, particularly now for parents?

The pandemic which we thought would last a few months turned out to stay with us for 2 years. The world was on pause. Both parents were on their feet 24*7. Working parents or stay-at-home parents all were busy with their families and looking after them during the pandemic. It wasn't easy for them. Kids and spouses didn't spend such a long time with each other at home in pre-pandemic times and this has taken a toll on their lives. Lack of self-care among parents has resulted in

  • Snapping: Getting angry quickly and snapping at kids for trivial matters. Which never made them angry before.
  • Intolerance levels: There was a time tolerance level in parents was so high. But now tiny little things become triggers for irritation
  • Forgetfulness and confusion:  Parents have started to forget things very easily and get confused about easy tasks
  • Lack of sleep: They are not sleeping on time, getting up too early, or are unable to fall asleep quickly even when in bed
  • Physical symptoms: Continuous headaches, sweating, palpitations, cramps, etc.
  • Lack of communication: They are so preoccupied that they don't have time to spend quality time with their spouses or talk with their friends. This has also led to miscommunication and distancing themselves from them
  • Psychological problems: They are getting paranoid, increase in phobia, panic attacks, anxiety, depressive thoughts, etc.

8 Tips for Mastering Self-care for Parents

It's important that parents know the right self-care tips so that they don't get drained out or feel weak by caring for others. Caring for oneself is not wrong. If we look after ourselves, then only we can look after another person well. These are the tips that will help parents

  1. Timetable: One day prior maintain a timetable that has breaks in between your household work as well as your office work. And see that you follow. I know it's difficult to maintain a timetable. But it's important that we have one. Initially, we will not be able to follow it a hundred percent as it takes time to form a habit. But eventually, that becomes part of us. This will help us make boundaries and also don't make the timetable rigid.
  2. Journalling: Sometimes we get frustrated and angry, it's bottled up inside us for a long and can't express. We can journal those thoughts and express them too. We will understand ourselves better. One can do this for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before one sleeps.
  3. Meditation: Start your day with meditation. It's important that we are calm when we approach our new day and for that, we need to meditate and that helps us cool our minds and increase our focus. This will help us to clear our minds from clutter and approach the day well. Start meditating for 5 minutes for 15 days and then after 15 days increase it by 5 minutes and do the same before sleeping. It's important we get good sleep and for that, by meditating we can clear out all the stress and thoughts which have clogged our minds.
  4. Instrumental Music: While cooking or doing some light work put on instrumental music. Music does wonders for us and is very therapeutic. Music is a mood changer and brings positivity to us.
  5. Safe Haven: Have a space in your house that is for you to relax and unwind. Where you are not disturbed and enjoy your time to yourself. In that safe haven, you can keep things that you love and enjoy this will bring positive vibes
  6. Talk: It's important we talk to our friends and close ones. This helps us to share and remove any misunderstandings, we or the other person has. Also, talk to the person who makes you feel better and not to people who are toxic or find negativity in everything.
  7. Happy drink: We all love to drink something we love. You make for everyone, something yummy. But not for yourself. So, now do it for yourself too. Make a cold coffee, hot chocolate, lemon tea, or anything that you like, and drink that in the safe haven slowly.
  8. Spend time in nature: Nature is so beautiful, but we don't stop and appreciate it. You can go to the garden and sit there, look at the beautiful garden of your apartment or go to a park and walk barefoot on the grass. These all will calm you down and decrease your stress. It will make you optimistic too.

Remember parents' care for yourself should be a priority and other things will follow along. When we are happy then only can we spread and give happiness to others around

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I'm a guide to parents & teachers, best friend of children, and confidant of teens
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